How to Request a Copy of Your Medical Records (Health Information)

To obtain a copy or request that your health information (medical records) be sent to another health care facility/provider, insurance companies, attorneys, or another individual, etc., you must first submit a completed, signed and dated authorization form (PDF) to us. Please be advised that health information such as psychiatric, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV test results and related information, genetic, substance/domestic abuse, and sexual assault treatment records, etc. are considered sensitive information and are further protected by Federal laws. Therefore, if you would like such information to be released, you must specifically indicate so on our authorization form by initialing the respective category of information.

Request Medical Records - Authorization Form (PDF)

Please hand-deliver your completed authorization form or mail the form to us, our contact information is always located on the top of our forms and shown below.

Medical Records Contact Information
call: 213.514.4200
Business Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

You may mail or hand-deliver your authorization to:
Berks County General Medical Center
Health Information Management (Medical Records)
Release of Information Unit
1235 Lauriston Street
Branchville, NJ 15667